New York Commercial Litigation Lawyer Michael Glassberg

Michael A. Glassberg is an experienced New York Commercial Litigation Lawyer who represents clients in all commercial and other litigation matters, including but not limited to breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation, real property, probate and goods sold and delivered.  Michael is a thorough and zealous advocate for his commercial litigation clients throughout the entire litigation process, including pleadings, discovery, motions and trials.

He recognizes that the costs of litigation, including legal fees, court fees and other litigation expenses can be substantial or even prohibitive and therefore strives to obtain for his clients the most favorable outcomes as efficiently and expeditiously as possible.

Michael also represents clients using alternative dispute resolution forums, such as mediation and arbitration, when appropriate and in the best interests of his clients.

As with his personal injury practice, Michael takes great pride in providing to his commercial litigation clients personal and courteous service.

To speak with Michael A. Glassberg about your commercial litigation matter, call him directly at 516-747-8181 or click here to send an email.  He will respond promptly.